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Comfortable affordability:
Pay for laser eye surgery in instalments at EyeLaser

Great vision, in our opinion, should be possible and affordable for everyone. That is why EyeLaser offers different models for partial payment and financing for laser eye surgery:

3 instalments in 6 months

With convenient payment in three parts at EyeLaser, you can fulfil your dream of perfect vision without glasses or contact lenses at any time. Pay for your operation in 3 simple instalments within 6 months – after treatment, with a clear overview.

Monthly financing with a loan

If you wish to take out a loan for your laser eye surgery, our partner bank offers you attractive and non-bureaucratic terms. You can pay for your treatment in monthly instalments quite conveniently and at a low-interest rate.

How would it be to arrange a monthly instalment which matches your current contact lens costs? Or to settle the financing in 6 months with no down payment or interest? Our partner bank is happy to advise you! By the way, you can read more about comparing the cost of contact lenses vs. laser eye surgery in our blog.

Instalments for laser eye surgery per eye

  • Femto-LASIK
  • Crosslinking


  • from 31 €
  • from 24 €
  • from 24 €
  • from 35 €
  • from 24 €


  • from 39 €
  • from 31 €
  • from 31 €
  • from 43 €


  • from 49 €
  • from 39 €
  • from 39 €

All instalments for laser eye surgery as indicated above, are per month and per eye.

Instalments for lens implants per eye

  • Phakic Lenses
  • Lens Replacement

Per Month

  • from 54 €
  • from 45 €

All instalments for lens implants as indicated above, are per month and per eye.

Example of a financing plan:

Financed contribution € 2,400.00

Plus 3,99 % per annum interest on debt, 3.1% administration fee and 1.2% account opening and survey fees;

Period 60 months;

monthly. Rate € 46.14;

Total amount payable € 2,768.17;

Effective interest 5.92% p.a.

Customary bank creditworthiness is required. Our partner bank is responsible for the financing decision. Rounding differences may be possible.

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